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Homemade Mashed Potato with Brown Sauce (2pcs)


Indulge in creamy perfection with our homemade mashed potatoes, featuring a secret blend of fresh potatoes, cheddar cheese, butter, and milk. And also the delightful homemade brown sauce. Quick, convenient, and perfectly portioned, it’s the perfect comfort food made with love and served with joy. Order now for a taste of pure bliss!

Mashed Potato: Potato, Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Milk, Dried Parsley Leave

Brown Sauce: Unbleached Flour, Butter, Chicken Powder, Dark Soy Sauce, Black Pepper, Filtered Water

*This product contains milk.


Cooking Method: After defrosting, steam for approximately 15 mins / air fry at 180c for 10 – 15 mins. Reheat sauce in a saucepan.
Storage: Keep frozen up to 1 month

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