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This Mushroom Soup Combo is undeniably one of the best comfort food anytime in a day. A bowl of hot mushroom soup paired with crunchy garlic bread is just so delicious and satisfying.

Package included:
2* Mushroom Soup (280gm x 2 packs)
1 pack Mini Soft Bun (6pcs)
1 bottle Garlic Spread (170gm)

*Suitable for kids 12+ months*

**Only available for online purchase.


Mushroom Soup
Cooking Method: Reheat the mushroom soup using a pot or saucepan. No need to add water.

Mini Soft Bun & Garlic Spread
Cooking Method: Cut the bun into half and spread some garlic butter, toast or air fry until golden brown.

**Excluded from Z-Coin entitlement**

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