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Handmade Taiwan Sausage (5pcs) (±250g)


Made using antibiotic-free pork & natural hog casing. We use only quality ingredients and is all natural. Taste savoury and sweet and it has the best fat to lean ratio. Absolutely one of the best sausages you should try!

Ingredients: Antibiotic-free Pork, Natural Hog Casing, Chicken Stock, Sugar, Spices

*Suitable for kids 24+ months*


Cooking Method: After defrosting, pan fry until golden brown/Oven-bake 180c for 8 mins/Air fry 180c for 5-6 mins/Microwave 2-3 mins.
Storage: Keep frozen up to 6 months



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Weight250 g

1 pack, 2 packs